Monday, September 3, 2007

Mystery Party Results

So Saturday night was my mystery party and I showed up as Eva Coli, the head chef at the resort. It was rather comical because I found a chef hat at party city so I wore it, an oven mitt, and brought a large cooking spoon. It was pretty comical. We searched and searched for an appropriate costume for Byron, aka Juan Hunkyguy, the lifeguard. But, we couldn't find anything we wanted. I wanted at least a whistle and maybe some zinc for his nose but it's just too close to fall and all the stores were out of those types of items.

Nonetheless, the party was a hit. Byron ended up being the murderer which was hilarious because none of us guessed it. He really did a pretty good job. His character was supposed to hate me because he had been demoted so I could take his place as head chef. Sadly, he did a pretty good job of acting like he didn't like my character. The whole thing was rather comical.

Probably the best part however was what I found out after the party. My friend Shea had said her goodbyes first and as soon as she went out to her car her partner in the game, who was the hostess's younger brother, made a comment that he knew who Shea was. I tried to get more information out of him about it but he wasn't really budging. Then I asked him if he knew her from the Internet because I said if he did, that was a very likely possibility considering her blogs and such. Then it dawned on personals! He busted out laughing when I said this and finally admitted that was how he knew her. I of course found this hysterical as I was the one who helped sign her up for Yahoo personals in an effort to prove that there were definitely guys out there that would be interested in her, she just hadn't met them yet. I had started sending her some different profiles that looked of interest until she finally made herself a profile.

Apparently, at one point in the evening when Matt and Chris (one of the hosts) disappeared, they were actually down in the basement looking up Shea's profile online to confirm that it was her. Hilarious!! I mean what are the chances of such a thing happening? Naturally Matt didn't want me to say anything because he was trying to figure out how he was going to let this whole thing play out but he just doesn't understand the way the whole "girlfriends" relationship works. The very second I got into my car I called Shea and blurted out that he knew her. It took her a few minutes to figure it out but then it suddenly dawned on her where she knew him from. The whole thing is just really too funny. He's not necessarily her type but nonetheless a really nice guy, highly intelligent, and pretty good looking. I think it definitely proves my case that not everyone on the Internet is a psycho. After all, that is how me and my man met. :-)

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