Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holiday Galleria

The Holiday Galleria 2007 was my newest socialite event. Luckily I was invited to the special "preview night" with my friend Shea. Someone from her work gave her 2 tickets to the preview night, worth a whopping $50 a piece. I naturally accepted the invite even though it was a school night seeing as how there was free champagne and food involved.

For those of you who don't know the Holiday Galleria is a yearly social event in Wichita held at our local expo hall where vendors from around the midwest gather to offer us Wichitans their finest one-of-a-kind items just for the holidays. It is sponsored by the junior league of Wichita as part of their fundraising activities so some Wichita's top business leaders and their wives, well okay mostly their wives, show up to shop their little hearts away.

The nice thing was that it was fully catered and had all the free champagne we could handle and let me tell you we definitely didn't shy away from the free champagne. Shea and I naturally thrive on these types of events as we try to act like a proper socialite which is rather comical to watch I must say. So anyways, at some point in the night as we were sipping our champagne, Shea made a comment that we were like Paris and Nicole. I gotta tell ya, I ate that shit right up. My immediate response was to hold the title of Nicole as I figured her way with words would come naturally for me, the daughter of a truck driver.

As the night went on I began to play my "part" if you will and at one point even called Shea a bitch, in the most endearing manner possible. It was really rather comical. I think her jaw might have actually hit the floor, that is until she realized how freaking hilarious it was that were at this social event calling each other bitches. So as the night came to an end and we had not bought a single thing but drank about 5 glass of champagne, ate till our little hearts were content, and received a free massage, we vowed to become "Paris and Nicole" for the sake of all future socialite events.

Next stop....Rocking the Roundhouse at WSU in October. Hope to see you there bitches! ;-)

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Shea said...

Rockin' The Roundhouse...

I am so there, bitch.

Loves it!