Monday, September 3, 2007

Health Mission Week #2

Well week #2 is off to a fantastic start, not only did I receive a coupon in the mail this weekend for a $7 joiner fee at the YMCA but I also have 2 offers for a workout partner. This really couldn't get any better except for the fact that one of my workout partner offers, aka Kelli, has obviously done this whole Health Mission thing before and came up with the perfect schedule. Starting with Week#2 my schedule will be as follows:

Week #2 Join the YMCA
Week #3 Buying workout clothes for the Y
Week #4 Buying workout shoes (sorry Kelli I really think I need to make week#4 ALL about the shoes)
Week#5 Buying the appropriate workout fluids and supplements for the workout routine
Week #6 Determine the workout schedule
Week#7 Sign up for the workout classes
Week #8 Watch the workout classes to determine if they look too coordinated, I don't want to
look like a fool
Week #9 Go ahead and try one of the workout classes to see if I can do it
Week #10 This now puts me REALLY close to Thanksgiving, and then of course right after Thanksgiving is finals and then Christmas, and then end of the year stuff at work. So I might have to revise a whole new schedule after the new year....

I really think this plan is off to a great start! I already promised my son that we are getting our pictures taken tomorrow at the Y for our new memberships so it's a definite go. The great thing about 4 year olds is that they never let you forget a promise. I'll have to let you all know how it goes. I can't wait!


kelli said...

LOL....this is soooo funny!!!

As I said earlier...if you omit which holiday you are starting after you will ALWAYS be a head of the game.

Shea said...

I'm joining on Friday (payday). I fully expect that you and I will start hitting the gym asap.

Midwest Valley Girl said...

well I fully intend to start hitting the gym no later then week 8.