Thursday, August 30, 2007

Revelations of a 4-year-old #2

I am calling this one #2 because technically speaking my post of “Random Things my son said during his last tantrum” item #2 would probably be considered revelation #1.

So anyways, the other night I was tucking him in for bed and he was playing with his doll, Paul.

Yes my son has a doll, in fact it is an anatomically correct doll at the recommendation of Dr. Phil for potty training. Obviously my son is well past the potty training stages but he still plays with Paul once in a while. He thinks the whole peeing thing is quite funny at this point. Now back to the story...

My son then pointed out that Paul was a boy doll. He said he knew Paul was a boy because he had a peepee. I of course corrected him and said “well everyone has a peepee.” My son says, “no mom, boys have a peepee and a butt and girls just have a butt.”

Yeeaaahhhh….um…. I just let the conversation go at that. I think I’ll wait a few years to tackle this one.

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