Saturday, August 11, 2007

Only I could have an "incident" with a Pedicure

So last weekend I went and got a pedicure. My feet were looking pretty rough and I was in desperate need of some serious callus removal. So as I was just getting started with soaking my feet I noticed that there was a sign on the wall that said "Ask about our Deluxe Spa Pedicure." So of course I asked about it. They said they used some special spray to help remove all of the calluses off the bottom of your feet, scrub them with the loofah really well, and then wrap your legs and your feet in hot towels with some sort of gooey stuff on your legs. The lady next to me said it was wonderful and I could see another girl 2 chairs down with the towels wrapped around her legs and she look like she was in heaven. "I'll take it!"

So after giving me all the usual pedicure treatment of cutting my nails, pushing back my cuticles, etc they got out the spray for the calluses and scrubbed the heck out of my feet. It was great! Then she went and got 3 towels all rolled up and they looked steaming hot. She put some sort of blue goo on my legs and feet that smelled minty and felt cold on my skin like it was some sort of Mentholatum stuff. Then she wrapped 2 of the towels around my legs. Holy crap, those towels were freaking hot! I looked down at the girl still 2 chairs down and she was sitting there calmly as though the towels weren't hot at all. So I decided I would tough it out and suck it up. Come on, be a woman I thought. Hell, I've given birth, how bad could this really be?

Then she put the third towel on my feet and started to wrap my feet up in it. Now that towel was really freaking hot! I started screaming saying it was too hot and I was like wiggling around in the chair frantically trying to get the towel off my feet. The little Asian lady got all in a panic and was waving her hands and yelling "I sorry, I sorry!" She took the towel off my feet and said she just wouldn't use that one for my feet. I was so relieved, I swear my feet were bright red and I thought for minute I could actually see that I had at least first degree burns. (I might be exaggerating slightly) But it hurt like hell!

So anyways, she finished the pedicure, painted my nails and I was on my merry way. All the other girls were looking at me like I was crazy and I swear all the employees were talking about me in their language. So now I probably can't go back to that nail salon for a while. :-(

Ahhh, the pains of beauty.


Shea said...

That reminds me of the parafin stuff that we dipped our feet in when we got b-day pedicures. I tried to act tough when I did it so that I wouldn't look like a wuss, but you were dying and didn't hide it! Damn hot towels and wax!!!

Midwest Valley Girl said...

apparently my feet are really sensitive because you are right this does make the 2nd time something like this has happened. Wierd.

Anonymous said...

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