Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catch Up

I can't believe it but I somehow haven't posted all week. I guess I got a little busy. I haven't really done much with my computer at all this week which is really surprising.

So anyways, to catch you all up, I apparently had a busy week. Last weekend we all went out for a friend's birthday. We went out to dinner then went and had some drinks. It was a pretty good time although I felt kind of old, we were home by 11:30 and I was pooped. How crazy is that!?

Then I had kind of a hectic week at work, made a couple of mistakes that were killer to fix and that wasn't too fun. Then my son got sick and so now I've been taking care of him most of this weekend. Just kind of a crazy week in general.

On a high note however, my friend Shea bought a new car. It was pretty exciting, you would have thought I was the one getting the car for as excited as I got. But then again who doesn't get excited over a new car. They always have newer gadgets, compartments, features, etc that maybe your older car doesn't have and then you get all excited thinking about the possibility that at some point you too will need a new car. Pretty fun stuff. The coolest thing is the bluetooth in the radio though. You can talk to people on the phone through the car radio. How awesome is that? I totally have to get one now, even if it is an after-market setup. I just can't resist.

Well that was a quick overview of my week, nothing exciting really so I'll have to make a couple of posts about some specific "incidents."


Shea said...

I want to marry my car and have one million of its babies.

Midwest Valley Girl said...

You know when my sister was 6, she wanted to have Alf babies.