Sunday, July 15, 2007

Woohoo...It's my first post. I'm so excited... I don't hardly know where to start.

random thought No. 1
so I got my son haircut yesterday and I had it cut shorter then usual since it is the summertime. when it was done we went out to eat and were sitting near a mirror. i asked him if he liked his new haircut and he said no. i asked him what he wanted done differently with his hair, did he want it spike up or something. he said he wanted a mohawk. I have no idea how he even knew the word mohawk but somehow he did. I swear just then some guy goes walking by with a totally 80's spike 10" tall mohawk. So I asked my son... Is that how you want your hair and to the comfort of my ears he said No way. I just want it spike up a little bit. I know it's just hair but I have to say I could easily live with a small baby Maddox mowhawk but definitely not the 80's spike punk do. I just can't do it.

And as I hit the publish post button I get a damn error saying that i'm not allowed to type exclamation points. Well how else am I supposed to express myself dammit.

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Shea said...

No exclamation marks!!??

Your child is the most amazing child ever. This is like him reciting every restaurant on Rock Rd. I love it.

Child prodigy. :)