Friday, July 27, 2007

Livin La Vida Loca!

I'm so excited, I actually have some plans for this weekend that don't involve working. Woohoo!

The number one plan on my list for this weekend is going out with my friend Shea on Saturday night. I am so excited! We are going out with some girls from work and we have decided to go gay clubbing. I can't wait. I haven't done that in forever. My only disappointment is that this town apparently only has a couple of gay clubs and right now one is closed due to water damage. That is really kind of disappointing because I can remember when there were several gay clubs open in this town, and I hit up almost everyone of them every weekend. But that's alright, I'm still game for the old faithful "Fantasy."

Now all I have to do is figure out what to wear. The really funny part about that of course is that I have all of that glitter crap makeup my sister in law gave me for Christmas that I think Shea and I are actually going to totally sport for Saturday night. I think it will be the one time we can totally get away with it and the 12 year old in me is kind of excited at the very thought.

So if you're in town, you might look out for the big girl on the dance floor, dancing to some Ricky Martin or some Dancing Queen, stop and say hello, I'm ready for the good times. :-)

1 comment:

Shea said...

I think we need to have a gay bar re-do. I didn't wear any glitter or clubbin' clothes, so a do-over is definitely in order.