Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Job

Wow, where should I begin with this one exactly. I am an accounts payable lead for a privately owned company. I could go into many great details about the woes of my job but let me just start with today.

So basically they have been putting more and more job duties on my desk for about the last 3 months. I finally had enough the other day and sent my boss a note letting her know that it really wasn't fair to the rest of the time nor to our vendors that I was never available to anyone because of all my job duties. My boss heard me out and agreed so she made some changes. She decided to take me off as the lead of the processors and put me back over data entry, scanning, etc. This was definitely fine by me as I excelled in that area and rather enjoyed it anyway. So with that said, that meant that the old lead was going to take back over the processors. As soon as my boss announced this to the processors, aka "my team", they clapped and cheered that I was leaving. OMG, how freaking rude is that? Those biotches! I couldn't even believe that they did that.

Then after a couple of minutes they actually had the balls, and oh yes I did say BALLS, to say to me, "so what, do you not like us anymore." WTF I literally said in front of everyone, even my boss, "well actually it sounds like it's the other way around the way you guys are clapping and cheering that I'm leaving." Okay so probably not the most professional thing to say but dammit, they were being rude and they needed to hear about themselves. So then they said, "well we aren't happy that you are leaving, we are just happy that "suzie q" is coming back." Oh yeah you're right, that just made everything better. Whatever biotches.

So anyways, because I am normally nothing but absolutely PC, I quickly turned it into some stupid 'go team' spiel about how good this really was for everyone involved because we are putting our strengths where they are needed the most right now and I really thing it's going to work out better for the whole team. Then I said that I wasn't really going anywhere I was still going to be there, I was just going to be in a slightly different role. So anyways, I basically tried to make it out like I wasn't being a snot right back to them but I really was. And actually I wouldn't doubt it if my boss now thinks that I shouldn't even be a lead anymore because of it. But dammit I'm tired of trying to be the bigger person because I'm the "lead" and those bitches just treat me like crap. I'm really tired of it.

So anyways, that's my job....and man do I feel like this post is one big bitch session. Okay time for a new post.

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