Monday, July 23, 2007

Lamest Excuse Ever!!

OMG. I heard the lamest excuse for being a no show on a date this weekend. Now in my years of dating I have to tell you that I have heard a lot of excuses. I have heard everything from my dog got run over, to my parent's kicked me out, to my sister's boyfriend broke up with her and she needed some comfort. But I have to say I heard one of the best ones ever this weekend.

A friend of mine went out on a date last week and had a pretty intense relationship talk with someone she had been seeing for a couple of months. He had talked out how he liked where the conversation was going and wanted to get together again over the weekend, specifically on Saturday. Even made mention at the end of the date how he couldn't wait to be together again on Saturday. Well needless to say, he totally stood her up. He didn't call, didn't show, nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. I of course, being the mature person that I am, drove by his house just to see if he was there but sure enough he was gone. She tried calling him several times but to no avail.

Finally, on Sunday night he decided to call. He apologized over and over and get this, here comes the best excuse of all time. He's not sure what happened but he didn't feel well and before he knew he had lockjaw. He couldn't open his mouth or even talk, hence why he didn't call. He allegedly apologized profusely for it and acted as though it was a legitimate thing.

What-ever! That is like seriously the lamest excuse I have ever heard. I mean really I have only ever heard of getting lock jaw from a couple of things, either a blow job, or tetanus. So either he was with another man or he is one dirty fool.

Get a real excuse next time buddy!

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Thanks for calling it like it is.