Monday, July 23, 2007

A Charitable Donation

While at dinner I was approached by a young kid, probably about 12 years old who offered me the "world's greatest cookies" to help support the home school for the culinary arts. ???? I know, I know what you are saying, but look, the poor kid was really trying to be quite the salesman. I have actually seen him at this restaurant a couple of times and honestly at this point I really kind of feel bad for him. So anyways, the deal was, the money would go towards the funds needed for his culinary arts school at home. I only needed to make a donation of $10 for 6 cookies or $5 for 3 cookies. So I quizzed the poor kid profusely about whether or not he made them and his response was, "of course I did otherwise they wouldn't taste so good." So then I asked him if he knew what ingredients he used in making them to which he rattled off the basic ingredients for cookies. It was as though he had practiced a few times. So finally I made my donation for 3 cookies and sent him on his way.

After dinner we each ate our cookie and I have to say they were pretty damn good. I don't know if they were worth $5 but they were good nonetheless. And most importantly I feel like I made a charitable donation to the home school for the culinary arts. (yeah right)

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