Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Follow Up

Okay so we totally did the gay bar thing and all I can say is Wow! There was quite the mix there this weekend. I must say I have never really seen that mix of people all at the gay club at once. I'm not really sure what was going on there. Unfortunately, the music wasn't really as good as I remember so I think we only danced to like a couple of songs. I was definitely disappointed with all of that. Nonetheless, we managed to have a good time.

One of the most amazing things we saw while we were there, I simply must tell you about. There was this older gentleman dressed as a woman. He/She, I'm never really sure what the appropriate way to say that is when they are a crossdresser. Anyways he was wearing some crazy brown dress that looked kind of like a trench coat, an old ratty gray wig, and some 80's style purse with the long strap that he put across his shoulder. Not much of an outfit really, until we noticed the shoes! We looked down and realized that he was wearing some crazy clear acrylic stripper shoes. At first we were somewhat in awe by the fact that this old man was wearing higher heels then we were but that wasn't even the best part. At one point he got up to walk over to the bar and we realized that his shoes lit up! I swear I have never seen anything like it. If I would have been sure that he wouldn't have been offended I totally would have taken a picture for you all because it was really pretty cool. I had never seen stripper shoes that light up before. I swear I want to borrow them just to at least vacuum in or something. I couldn't possibly wear them anywhere because I would probably fall flat on my face if I even tried to walk more then 5 feet in them. Needless to say I am totally jealous of the fact that an older man not only was able to dress like a woman, but can wear higher heels then me! (it just doesn't seem fair)

Anyways, I found a pair on the internet so you could see what I am talking about...

I hope you all enjoy as much as we did this last weekend! We all seriously wanted a pair, just to say we had some light up shoes.

Sad to say but that was probably the most exciting part of our evening. I think we will have to do a re-do. We all forgot the glitter and apparently the light up shoes.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I met Freddy!

So tonight we decided to check out the new Freddy's Frozen Custard in town. I have been to the other two restaurants in town and every time I go in there I check out all the pictures inside of the guy named Freddy. There are pictures of his sons, his wife, other family members, etc all over the place with little tidbits about Freddy's life.

Well tonight, I actually got to meet Freddy himself. Now I know what you're thinking, well big whoop, but I was kind of excited. The guy is about 80 years old but honestly only looks about 65, if that. The really cool thing is that he was an accounting major at Wichita State and graduated in 1949, before opening his first restaurant. I was really kind of intriqued by this tidbit since I too am an accounting major in Wichita. So anyway's, really nice guy to talk to and the best deal was that he gave us a gift certificate to come back. Now you know I can't turn down free food!

So if you haven't been yet, you should check it out, it's pretty good stuff, and best of all the California Burger gives a small resemblance to a good ole In and Out Burger.

Livin La Vida Loca!

I'm so excited, I actually have some plans for this weekend that don't involve working. Woohoo!

The number one plan on my list for this weekend is going out with my friend Shea on Saturday night. I am so excited! We are going out with some girls from work and we have decided to go gay clubbing. I can't wait. I haven't done that in forever. My only disappointment is that this town apparently only has a couple of gay clubs and right now one is closed due to water damage. That is really kind of disappointing because I can remember when there were several gay clubs open in this town, and I hit up almost everyone of them every weekend. But that's alright, I'm still game for the old faithful "Fantasy."

Now all I have to do is figure out what to wear. The really funny part about that of course is that I have all of that glitter crap makeup my sister in law gave me for Christmas that I think Shea and I are actually going to totally sport for Saturday night. I think it will be the one time we can totally get away with it and the 12 year old in me is kind of excited at the very thought.

So if you're in town, you might look out for the big girl on the dance floor, dancing to some Ricky Martin or some Dancing Queen, stop and say hello, I'm ready for the good times. :-)

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Charitable Donation

While at dinner I was approached by a young kid, probably about 12 years old who offered me the "world's greatest cookies" to help support the home school for the culinary arts. ???? I know, I know what you are saying, but look, the poor kid was really trying to be quite the salesman. I have actually seen him at this restaurant a couple of times and honestly at this point I really kind of feel bad for him. So anyways, the deal was, the money would go towards the funds needed for his culinary arts school at home. I only needed to make a donation of $10 for 6 cookies or $5 for 3 cookies. So I quizzed the poor kid profusely about whether or not he made them and his response was, "of course I did otherwise they wouldn't taste so good." So then I asked him if he knew what ingredients he used in making them to which he rattled off the basic ingredients for cookies. It was as though he had practiced a few times. So finally I made my donation for 3 cookies and sent him on his way.

After dinner we each ate our cookie and I have to say they were pretty damn good. I don't know if they were worth $5 but they were good nonetheless. And most importantly I feel like I made a charitable donation to the home school for the culinary arts. (yeah right)

Lamest Excuse Ever!!

OMG. I heard the lamest excuse for being a no show on a date this weekend. Now in my years of dating I have to tell you that I have heard a lot of excuses. I have heard everything from my dog got run over, to my parent's kicked me out, to my sister's boyfriend broke up with her and she needed some comfort. But I have to say I heard one of the best ones ever this weekend.

A friend of mine went out on a date last week and had a pretty intense relationship talk with someone she had been seeing for a couple of months. He had talked out how he liked where the conversation was going and wanted to get together again over the weekend, specifically on Saturday. Even made mention at the end of the date how he couldn't wait to be together again on Saturday. Well needless to say, he totally stood her up. He didn't call, didn't show, nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. I of course, being the mature person that I am, drove by his house just to see if he was there but sure enough he was gone. She tried calling him several times but to no avail.

Finally, on Sunday night he decided to call. He apologized over and over and get this, here comes the best excuse of all time. He's not sure what happened but he didn't feel well and before he knew he had lockjaw. He couldn't open his mouth or even talk, hence why he didn't call. He allegedly apologized profusely for it and acted as though it was a legitimate thing.

What-ever! That is like seriously the lamest excuse I have ever heard. I mean really I have only ever heard of getting lock jaw from a couple of things, either a blow job, or tetanus. So either he was with another man or he is one dirty fool.

Get a real excuse next time buddy!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who thinks up this stuff anyway?

While searching for a new picture to put on my blog title section I came across a couple of items that struck me as absolutely hilarious.

Item #1 is a shirt, that I swear if it came in my size I would totally buy it!

Item #2, I'm just totally trying to figure out who in the hell would even think to write such a thing. I mean for real, why would you even think up this crap?

And so needless to say I still haven't found the right picture that I'm looking for. I was trying to avoid using a picture of myself but I'm afraid it's inevitable.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Things My Son said during his last Tantrum

My son had an extremely bad morning routine this morning and I really think he is trying to act out because of all the overtime I have been working recently. But because he is only 4, the things he said during his tantrum today only made me want to bust out laughing. So I thought I would share some of the more humorous moments with you.

1. "I'm going to call the police so they can take you to jail and the taxicab can take me home."
2. "I don't have a phone to call the taxi."
3. "I'm not going to go potty and it's your problem, it's not my problem."
4. "If you don't let me out of this car right now I'm going to whip you."

this last one was actually my favorite...
5. "I can't go to Pre-K today because it gives me a headache."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Job

Wow, where should I begin with this one exactly. I am an accounts payable lead for a privately owned company. I could go into many great details about the woes of my job but let me just start with today.

So basically they have been putting more and more job duties on my desk for about the last 3 months. I finally had enough the other day and sent my boss a note letting her know that it really wasn't fair to the rest of the time nor to our vendors that I was never available to anyone because of all my job duties. My boss heard me out and agreed so she made some changes. She decided to take me off as the lead of the processors and put me back over data entry, scanning, etc. This was definitely fine by me as I excelled in that area and rather enjoyed it anyway. So with that said, that meant that the old lead was going to take back over the processors. As soon as my boss announced this to the processors, aka "my team", they clapped and cheered that I was leaving. OMG, how freaking rude is that? Those biotches! I couldn't even believe that they did that.

Then after a couple of minutes they actually had the balls, and oh yes I did say BALLS, to say to me, "so what, do you not like us anymore." WTF I literally said in front of everyone, even my boss, "well actually it sounds like it's the other way around the way you guys are clapping and cheering that I'm leaving." Okay so probably not the most professional thing to say but dammit, they were being rude and they needed to hear about themselves. So then they said, "well we aren't happy that you are leaving, we are just happy that "suzie q" is coming back." Oh yeah you're right, that just made everything better. Whatever biotches.

So anyways, because I am normally nothing but absolutely PC, I quickly turned it into some stupid 'go team' spiel about how good this really was for everyone involved because we are putting our strengths where they are needed the most right now and I really thing it's going to work out better for the whole team. Then I said that I wasn't really going anywhere I was still going to be there, I was just going to be in a slightly different role. So anyways, I basically tried to make it out like I wasn't being a snot right back to them but I really was. And actually I wouldn't doubt it if my boss now thinks that I shouldn't even be a lead anymore because of it. But dammit I'm tired of trying to be the bigger person because I'm the "lead" and those bitches just treat me like crap. I'm really tired of it.

So anyways, that's my job....and man do I feel like this post is one big bitch session. Okay time for a new post.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Tampon Man

I have to tell you all about someone I call "The Tampon Man"

One day as I was walking out of my office (well not really my office but the office building, i'm just a peon) I casually strolled out the door on a nice sunny day, grabbing my sunglasses out of my purse. I so casually placed them on my face as I flipped my hair back as in a shampoo commercial of some sort. I passed a gentleman who was returning to the office from his lunch and I thought he said something. I figured there must have been someone behind me and so I kept walking. Then I did hear him say something, "Excuse me, miss". Surely he isn't talking to me I thought to myself and kept walking, looking up at the sky, it was early spring and absolutely gorgeous I might mention. Then I heard it again, "Miss, you dropped something". Now I knew he had to be talking to someone else because I obviously had not dropped anything, my sunglasses were clearly on my head, I mean Hello.

"MISS" he said more stearnly. I finally turned around and gave him this crazy look like 'are you talking to me?' He said, "you dropped something" and pointed to the ground. And yes there it was, as clear as day, a tampon had fallen out of my purse as I was grabbing my sunglasses. I quickly ran over and grabbed the tampon trying to conceal as much of it as possible in my hand as I thanked him for telling me. I quickly put it in my purse and briskly walked to my car, as I thought I was going to die.

From that day forward, this gentleman has become known to me only as "The Tampon Man." I see him often as we usually pass during the lunch hour and I always smile as though I have nothing to hide, but I'm really saying to myself 'man he must think I am one wierd chic.'

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Woohoo...It's my first post. I'm so excited... I don't hardly know where to start.

random thought No. 1
so I got my son haircut yesterday and I had it cut shorter then usual since it is the summertime. when it was done we went out to eat and were sitting near a mirror. i asked him if he liked his new haircut and he said no. i asked him what he wanted done differently with his hair, did he want it spike up or something. he said he wanted a mohawk. I have no idea how he even knew the word mohawk but somehow he did. I swear just then some guy goes walking by with a totally 80's spike 10" tall mohawk. So I asked my son... Is that how you want your hair and to the comfort of my ears he said No way. I just want it spike up a little bit. I know it's just hair but I have to say I could easily live with a small baby Maddox mowhawk but definitely not the 80's spike punk do. I just can't do it.

And as I hit the publish post button I get a damn error saying that i'm not allowed to type exclamation points. Well how else am I supposed to express myself dammit.